The language portal is a free online platform for language lovers. The platform contains 40 dictionaries for 28 languages, a language forum, vocabulary lessons, language games, quizzes, verb conjugation for 12 languages, phrase books for university, business or travel, there is an internship platform and many other language-related products.

The website was thought up by Andreas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker. They combined their passion for languages and computer languages and created the website with the aim of attracting language lovers to discuss and share their knowledge.

In April 2015 joined the Oxford Dictionaries family when Oxford University Press became the parent company.

“Several years ago we surveyed the free consumer dictionary space and saw it was controlled by a lot of web advertising businesses that were just about gaming high-volume traffic,” said Casper Grathwohl, President, Oxford Dictionaries.

“We’re more interested in serving up the best language experience. And for that you need rich, accurate content. When we looked at, we saw a company that shared our mission to support communities around the globe, working to maintain and enhance language. By bringing under the Oxford Dictionaries umbrella we’re in a much stronger position to promote the connection between digital languages, and serve up the best language experience for users around the world.”

In 2016, was nominated for a LIA in the category ‘Best Language Product 2015’.