FairTradeTranslation.com is an online platform that introduces and sustains the implementation of fair trade principles in the translation services market.

FairTradeTranslation is for translators interested in maximizing the total income they receive over time while continuously improving their utilization of Machine Translation.

The difference between FairTradeTranslation and other online, machine translation services (Google Translate, Bing Translator, SDL Language Cloud, Systran, etc.) is that the automatic translations produced by online machine translation services can be of high or low quality. FairTradeTranslation returns only automatically produced outputs of high quality, which enable translators to increase their productivity and maximize the compensation they can generate in a given amount of time. In addition, it helps them estimate the fair trade price of jobs they contemplate taking.

In 2016, Fair Trade Translation was nominated for a LIA in the category ‘Best Language Service 2015’.


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