All European students may receive grants for being trained abroad totalling up to 12 months maximum per cycle of study.

The only condition is that they must be registered in a higher education institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognised degree. Students are selected by their sending higher education institution in a fair and transparent way.

Receiving organisations for traineeships can be any public or private organisations active in the labour market.

For a traineeship which is an integral part of the curriculum, the sending institution must give full academic recognition for the period spent abroad, by using ECTS credits or an equivalent system.

In the particular case of a traineeship that is not part of the curriculum of the student, the sending institution shall provide recognition at least by recording this period in the Diploma Supplement or, in the case of recent graduates, by providing a traineeship certificate.

Students may be awarded an Erasmus+ EU grant to help cover the travel and subsistence costs incurred in connection with their traineeship abroad.

Interested students should apply to the international office and/or Erasmus+ office of their sending higher education institution. The office will provide information on the possibilities of a traineeship abroad as well as the modalities to apply for and receive an Erasmus+ EU grant.

In 2016, Erasmus traineeships were nominated for a LIA in the category ‘Young Talent 2015’.


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