Beter Spellen is a website and app that offers a test of four multiple-choice questions each working day. There are currently over 145,000 active participants, divided in the three functional reference levels 1F, 2F and 3F.

Participation is free. You log in, so Beter Spellen can track your score. You do the test and see immediately which answer was correct or false. Each question has a brief explanation and if you want, you can click through to more information about that spelling issue. The explanation is practical, there is little jargon.

Beter Spellen was voted the Best and Most Popular Educational Website in 2016 for the fifth time. Young and old appreciate the low-thresholdness. Beter Spellen is supplementary used in education (from primary to professional), but is also popular with the 40 plus.





Click the play button below to listen to the interview with Martin van Toll, founder of Beter Spellen, on the LIAs Top 100 Live Countdown Show (May 2017).