Every person that doesn’t speak the language of the jurisdiction where (s)he has to be heard, has the right to be assisted by an interpreter. In daily practice, this right is regularly violated. Heidi Salaets, Katalin Balogh and Dirk Rombouts, experts in legal interpreting, have published the volume “Legal Interpreting”.

The volume is a practical guide for every legal actor who wants to collaborate efficiently with a legal interpreter. In this manual the authors define the right to interpretation and give insights into the interpreter practice and skills. The practical chapters offer tips to guarantee efficient collaboration with a legal interpreter and give examples of best practices.

“Legal Interpreting” gives a complete overview of the matter and deserves a place in Faculties of Law and Criminology, in Bar Associations and in Police Academies.

“Legal Interpreting” carefully explains the role and importance of the legal interpreter. The volume is a publication of Lannoo Campus.

“Legal Interpreting” won in March 2015 the LIA-award as “Best Language Publication of 2014”.


More info: http://www.lannoocampus.be/gerechtstolken