You are in the Brussels office and he is in Barcelona. The project has stalled and you need to meet. Now! But he doesn’t speak English and you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan. The obvious answer is to hire a professional interpreter. But how do you go about this?

Thanks to Mastervoice Online Interpretation, all you need is your browser. On the spot. Simultaneous interpretation. Not consecutive, but simultaneous! Working in the cloud with professional interpreters. No need for software licences or software downloads. All you require is high-quality video and audio, a chat function, rich content, encryption, guaranteed connectivity with pre-defined servers, video and audio recording facilities and so on. It’s all possible and it doesn’t matter whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux. Likewise, it doesn’t matter where the interpreter is based.

Besides online and ad hoc interpreting services, Mastervoice also offers custom solutions for websites, mobile apps and CRM/ERP systems. Need additional locations immediately – bearing in mind your colleague in Madrid? Mastervoice’s language solution is scalable and can be fully customised to your own usage and time. Mastervoice offers three product versions of Mastervoice Online Interpretation: Economy (audio only), Business (audio, video, chat, content) and LSP (audio, video, chat, content).

Mastervoice is the European market leader for on-site simultaneous interpretation for online organisations, making it the largest employer of conference interpreters in the private market. From onsite to online simultaneous interpretation Is Mastervoice Online Interpretation a game changer? How exciting.

In 2015, Mastervoice Online Interpretation was nominated for an LIA in the “2014 Best Language Service” category.


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