Most people associate remote language training with e-learning, the phone or Skype. Which is all good and well, but it doesn’t feel like a real-life situation. Have you ever tried looking your trainee straight in the eye via Skype or Webex as a language trainer?

At Mastervoice (Temse), they felt there was some room for improvement. Mastervoice’s language trainers enter the room in high-quality 3D imagery. It all looks very real, with all the non-verbal communication that we find absolutely normal when we meet face to face. And thanks to eye-to-eye technology, trainers do look you straight into the eye. Not like a school teacher, but because it simply feels much more natural, promotes interaction and enhances the learning process. At Mastervoice, they refer to the use of this 3D video technology for language training as Total Language Immersion.

At larger clients, our language trainer enters the room through a terminal (to be rented), which is placed in the meeting or training room. If you are not interested in a terminal but understand the value of natural eye contact for the learning process, Mastervoice can also supply a special desktop with eye-to-eye technology or (as a slightly more minimalistic option) have an eye-to-eye camera module installed on the trainer’s notebook.

i-2-i Persuasive Language Training
Can I also give 3D language training? Mastervoice has patented the use of high-quality 3D video technology for language training. This means that only Mastervoice can offer Total Language Immersion. We do however want to make the application available to other language trainers and language service suppliers. Obviously, this comes with its own branding. So look out for “i-2-i Persuasive Language Training”.

Mastervoice is a certified language training provider and advisor, and has been certified by the Government of Flanders in the framework of the SME portfolio.

In 2013, Mastervoice Online Interpretation was nominated for an LIA in the “2013 Best Language Service” category.


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